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     “I have been using Energetic Elements  Silver solution for approximately 3 years with excellent benefits, and no negative side effects.    Congratulations on your fine product.”

Juan Raul Gil Frias M.D. 

Tijuana B.C. Mexico, November 2, 2007

Energetic Elements Gold is great stuff and improves your health on several levels. which by itself increases exercise capacity, which is definitely noticeable.

     It also seems to increase the frequency of your physical body, allowing you to hear what your spirit body is telling you, and you’ll find yourself thinking more clearly and making better choices.

     Some people have speculated that it may be facilitating brainwave synchronization between your hemispheres, and I concur that seems to be the case.

     Of all the advanced products I’ve tried as a physician and scientist over the last 20 years, Energetic Elements Gold is among the top of my list!


JPM M.D.9-4-2022

In the three months I’ve been taking Energetic Elements Gold I’ve experienced the following benefits:

  1.     Increased energy and stamina

  2.     Reduction in painful joints and faster muscle recovery

  3.     Increased mental clarity

  4.     Improvement in overall sense of well being

  5.     In the gym I’m lifting about 15% more than ever before, and

With no pain!


 Physician – Surgeon 9-4-2022

    “Here at Biomedics Institute we have been using Energetic Elements Silver solution for

almost three years and have positive results in ALL cases, facing many different health issues.  Most importantly, we’ve never seen a negative side effect with any patient."

Joyce Palau,      Executive Director for Biomedics Institute

Joyce Palau, Executive Director for Biomedics Institute


I’m 81 years old and my wife is 76.  She has been struggling with Parkinson’s for 3 years now.  A friend of mine told me I should try this special gold solution – he said it was Tesla in a bottle!  I got some of this gold and began giving her one tablespoon sublingual twice a day, and by the 3rd day we were amazed at how much better she was doing!  She was more calm, she was smiling, and walking better!  Within 2 weeks of that she was so much better that she needed much less full-time care and attention, and I could finally get some rest.  Since then, she has hired a personal trainer and does boxing and aerobic movements!  She is smiling all the time and we can go out to lunch or dinner with no problems.

    As she progresses we hope to be able to go traveling soon!  The Energetic Elements Gold my friend showed me was a Godsend and then some. Thanks for this wonderful product…it’s a real game changer for us.

                     Robert Harris – Camarillo       6-21-2022

     In over 40 years of practicing medicine, I have never achieved these kind of results with any other single product or method.”

Eladio Medina Ibanez M.D.  Cedula #272254 

Tijuana B.C., Mexico  11-17-2007

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