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As we learn to access the healing power of earth’s energies we are bringing in powerful natural non-toxic health solutions.

We are now entering a new era where we are discovering and uncovering amazing things about the quantum world that we live in. 

Frequencies that are 100% compatible with human physiology can restore balance and bring healing to our bodies and minds.

Our Energetic Elements Plasma Activated Solutions(PAW) have been researched and thoroughly tested for over two decades with amazing results and no unpleasant side effects ever reported.


Things we have found significant benefits using Energetic Elements Gold are:  Increase in physical performance and stamina, concentration, rest, and just a real sense of well-being, including a higher level of spiritual connection…                            

  • Gold has been known to promote cellular regeneration.

  • Gold has been known to increase cognitive function, assisting in stimulating nerve impulses and electrical communication within the body.

  • The earliest documented use in “modern” medicine was in 1890 when Dr. Robert Koch discovered that the Tubercle Bacillus could not live in the presence of gold.

  • The first evidence of gold dates back to 2500 B.C. in China.  Then, gold was widely used by Chinese physicians and surgeons, especially for cases of fever and infections in general.

  • Doctors Nilo Cairo and A.Brinckmann wrote a best-selling work entitled “Materia Medica”, (Sao Paulo,Brazil, 19th edition 1965), in which colloidal gold was listed as the number one remedy against obesity!

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We are electrical Beings. Energetic Elements Silver super charges electrical communication in the body. Our solution works on a cellular level.  Silver has many known health benefits.

  • There are 650 Documented bacteria, fungi, and parasites, that cannot survive in the presence of silver.

  • Anti-viral

  • Anti-fungal

  • Improves results of other supplements and medications

  • Immune support


In our flagship product Gold, Silver, and Copper we put all the good stuff into One bottle, so you can have all the benefits in one place. The ratio is 40, 40, 20 in our blend.

  • Copper is a vital mineral, known to have many health benefits including, energy production, antioxidant defense, and connective tissue health.

  • Copper assists in detoxing.

  • "The beauty mineral" copper is a powerful anti oxidant, battling free radicals for you, Anti Aging is the name of coppers game.

  • Known to be a supporting mineral to assist in absorption of other minerals.

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