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Agricutlure  32oz

Agricutlure 32oz

Energetic Elements can be diluted and used for almost everything!!!

For Energizing Water:

Add 1tsp/4ml to up to 32oz to energize water for drinking.

For Seed Sprouting:

Add one Capful/ 1tsp/ 4ml to 32 ounces of water to apply directly to soil, or to the paper towel method.

For seedlings:

Add 1/4 oz or 7 ml to 1 gallon of water for regular watering/feeding.

For Mature plants:

Add up to 1oz /30 ml to 1 gallon to boost overall plant happiness as a biodynamic application, once per week.

For Animals:

Add ½ oz / 14ml to pet water bowls.

Add 1oz /30 ml for up to 30 gallon livestock tanks for immune support.

Spray directly in pets mouth, or spray on cuts, scrapes or rashes.

For Veggies:

Dilute 2oz/60 ml to 16oz water spray veggies from the grocery store, will also help maintain freshness.

For cut Flowers:

Add 1tsp/4ml to the water vessel of flower arrangements.

For Cleaning:

Add Silver 2 oz/60 ml to natural cleaning sprays or soaks for disinfecting.

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