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We Are Water
Water We Are

Energetic Elements(EE) is the most advanced technology in the field of Plasma activated water (PAW) solutions in the world. Plasma Activated water is made by re-creating lightning. Energetic Elements takes PAW and Imprints the Signature of an Element, for example Gold into the water.
“What you’ve done here is electronically push the element being used into a state where it loses its identity as a traceable element and acts more like a gas, and therefore is Eternal in Nature." -Beck

Our Energetic Elements Scalar Technology is not only what the PAW world is calling literal
lightning in a bottle.
Energetic Elements is the world's leader in Plasma Activated Solutions technology. Through the use of Bio-mimicry, a solution inspired by nature holds the key to unlock the secret potential of your body’s own electrical communication system. 


 Twenty five years of research has found that Energetic Elements solutions improve blood cell structure, as shown by comparing live blood microscopy results before and after use.  The process begins with a water distillation system to start with the most pure form of water. Lightning Bio-mimicry technology then activates the water and 4th state matter/ Plasma appears. This is followed by resonant frequency technology to imprint the water with sacred elements such as Gold, Silver, or Copper to create a solution that communicates to your body on a cellular level.


Energetic Elements regenerates ancient wisdom of sacred elements with innovative technology, creating a new paradigm product, safe and effective for every living creation including People, Plants, and Animals. Currently there are hundreds of studies published on PubMed regarding Plasma Activated Water and its use in the fields of medical, dental, and agriculture

Clean as can be, we use Only Water, Electricity, and the Noble Element
Energetic Elements cannot be compared to any colloidal product, and we surpass basic PAW.

We are the Future. We have a Solution.

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Before and After using Energetic Elements

before ee blood.jpg

These are photos of a live cell blood microscopy Blood test, before and after Energetic Elements. The blood here shows signs of free radical damage, and you can notice a parasite inside the cell toward the top.

Held under the tongue for one minute twice, and the blood was re-tested five minutes later. What is interesting in the after results other than the obvious improved state of the blood cell structure, is what was exposed that had been hidden before, candida was exposed in the lower right corner.
Perhaps pairing  Energetic Elements with other protocols?.......

after ee blood.jpg
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Made in The USA, Organic Compliant

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